Hard server?

I read the other day in the chat that the EC system will have a bunch of new stuff added. I just wanted to voice my opinion that I hope that does not happen. I think as it is too many survival items are for sale which takes a lot away from the games actual survival aspects. The server has “hard” in the name, but it seems to keep getting made easier and easier for people. The ingots and pentaxit were alright to have in the shop, but now really simple survival things are there and it seems silly.

I agree with this. It should not be possible to get survival items imho. That’s what Traders are for - you buy from them.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Yea I agree. Will remove some of them soon. Especially when trading with other people come into the play.

I dont think droids should be Active on PVE planets. Why buy when ore comes this easy.
Once you leave starter planets you should not be able to return or something like that.
Need to make it harder or the prices on ore will fall to Zero.

The problem I see is that the “economy” is dependent on traders actually trading, which to be fair I’ve only participated in one trade (every other trade seemed unreasonable, for reasons mentioned below) and not much trade activity I see in global (for other reasons). The Chatbot’s exchange rate should not be the going rate for ore if we’re assuming that trading should be based on CB prices (which they are). Either fix the rate and reduce roid drops, or leave the system as it is only for ignots and pent. Having fiber and growing plots seems silly and redundant, since fiber is only used for that, and while things like e-rations are nice to have it becomes too easy to acquire them. Also traders seem to have problems trading to other planets mainly due to the amount of pent involved in getting there, mostly making up the difference by sticking whoever they’re trading with. If the server is really genuine about trading, make pent easier to acquire so traders can actually profit and people can actually prosper. Also apparently EC is trade-able somehow but I haven’t seen any information about EC trading thus far, can someone link me where that is explained?

There was a mention of direct trading, which I assume will be a tweaked way of how money transfers work right now. Though personally I feel that trading goods magically through the air makes no real practical sense. The need to actually go meet up with the person is an important part of building whatever system we’re building here. We shall have to wait and see what the admins do with that trade area where players can set up little shops.

While it does take a lot of pentaxit to get across the universe, and I agree it can be a pain, I would hesitate before changing that. I would like to see how our community evolves to address those challenges first. Traders can manage the travel cost in a few different ways, such as basing themselves in more central areas instead of galactic dead ends, or divide up their faction between a handful of planets where some members conduct the local planet trades and a member does the inter-system warps to keep all the shops supplied, ex: a member in each system of the Milky Way Galaxy, stocked to conduct local trades, with another member making the rounds picking up surplus (and locally sourced crystals) from and redistributing goods to each of that faction’s shops. Perhaps a good trader would not even really have a base but be constantly moving through systems trading along the way. Main thing is, I don’t think we’ve exhausted the player driven solutions yet.
((Incidentally, don’t expect and demand traders be there to give you everything you need on the first day after a server wipe…I started as a trader, but a certain someone kept complaining so to make her stop I changed to be alliance.))

Hey guys,

thanks for your feedback. We set a first big step with the dynamic economy system now and will go from now on in the even more advanced stuff. Trading with others over eb:trade, creating location dependend interaction like shops / NPC traders and even Speed Travel Gate - at a certain location in the orbit there is a big gate and only there you can trade pentaxit for low prices to warp quick from a to b. That is a first draft for now.
At the moment we fought with the server and the bugs like pre alpha ships. I guess it is not completley over but we moving more directly to the features now.
Please remember that for all that crazy awesome stuff jascha needs to take care of. He needs to program that beside his work and real life.
In the meantime your feedback is highly appreciated. I like space games and have a lot of ideas but let me know if you have another perspective of (new) things.

Cpt are right about let things settle a bit. Me as a creator had a lot of ideas put into the universe and know the strengths and weaknesses. But some are just logical like staying in the center for example.

Regarding the story it will be more and more integrated with other features like Reputation points - custom PDAs (when you press F1), special bonus per faction etc.

@Fenra: trading EC with each other is easy. Just type eb:send:ID +XXX. The ID is seen if you type eb:info. So if you want to send other people EC you need to know the ID of them. (they need to type eb:info so you can see their ID).
You can read it here empyrion-homeworld.net/elemental-bank

Who trades on the server? The cost is too high for any trade to exist, at a bare min. 30-50 pen trip for one jump, or 70-100 pen for 2 jumps round trip. The time it takes to collect pen assuming not abusing a exploit would take you a good hour or more depending on the planet, then if you choose to buy, your talking a min. of 45,000 EC. Now that’s just transportation costs, doesn’t include the trade. So if, your selling ingots at 25, you are talking about 2000 ingots for a 1 jump round trip, so you will want to trade for a profit. Lets just go with a 50% or basically your charging your client 1500 for 1000 ingots worth, anyways your charging 50% mark up. trading 2000 ingots earns you 3000 in value, or 1000 in profit, you need roughly 2000 (50,000 EC) to break even, so that’s 4000, ingots to break even, no profit yet!, let’s go with 8000 ingots, now you covered transportation cost and earned 25% profit margin. To trade 2 jumps away, will cost you 16,000, 3 jumps, 32,000, and 4 jumps, 64,000 ingots for a 25% profit margin. This is assuming you are buying pen at 1500, and not collecting the near two hundred of pen needed to make 4 jumps and return home.

This does not take in account any free warps of course, but one warp is a nice benefit for a 1 jump, but otherwise if you do 4 jump trade, it’s only saving you 1/8 the cost of transportation.

So, my conclusion is this is not a survival game after the initial 5 minutes of the game, it becomes more of a base building and space sim. That is what they should market the game to. Anyways, removing survival items i don’t believe is the answer, only removing cost of travel may trading flourish to some extent, most people though don’t wanna be bothered with waiting on someone to come online to do a trade, nor should they have to. That is the function of the market system, someday maybe we’ll have to travel somewhere to trade, but that’s out of the scope of the game.

For all those who wanna trade, my advise is don’t its not worth it, only for role-playing and if you have a love to collecting pen.