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Server: NA

Type of Offence Committed: Harrasment and offensive languange

Time/Date of offence: ~0001 6/1/18 EDT

Player/Faction accused: ManBug121212

Player Faction reporting:H Dresden

What happened? I have told this person I do not like him and to not speak to me, on multiple occaisions. He continues to harass me after being told to leave me alone.

Why did it happen? I took offense when he trolled global for over 2 hours about a prefab sv he lost. I and others offered to give him more than enough to replace it (I offered 200 advanced constructors) multiple times. He just kept complaining and spammed global all night. The next time he started talking to me, I told him I did not like him and to leave me alone. He continues to harass me.


I really would like it if he just kept his snide comments to himself. I can take someone who is upfront about things. He pretends to be jk after saying stuff.

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was taken)

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