Has anyone found any "interesting" planets?

I am exploring around and am beginning to think the majority of planets aren’t very interesting. I rarely find a PvE planet, and if I do, it has very little resources on it and next to no interesting POIs. Maybe a junk or crashed ship once in a while.

There are PvE orbits for sure. But no planets that even come close to as interesting as the planets we had as the base universe last season.

There are plenty of Pvp planets. Some of them have large or very large deposits, and a number of territory based POIs. Quite a few orbits have 1-3 gold asteroids, but that isn’t really as exciting as any of the homeworld planets from last season.

I am finding very very little alien POIs anywhere except planets from last season, as well.

Not really seeing anywhere I’d want to set up a base other than the HQ planet.

I am really hoping that as the universe expands there will be some hidden handcrafted gems. Maybe even planets that will funnel the Pvp like planets that have gold surface like golden globe, but on a smaller scale or a limited time, or something. Wouldn’t it be neat if once every expansion a golden globe like planet spawned somewhere in the universe and we all had to rush to find it, then once found, hold it, until the next expansion occurred and then its surface died out and another spawned?

Has anyone else found anything “interesting?” If so, can you post what makes it interesting, the system and playfield?

I have a quite large PvE planet with tons of resources, and I have noticed some POI’s.

I’m sadly not gonna tell where since space is PvP, but I can confirm these systems at least do exist.


That’d be way too overpowered, and it’d be a very bad thing for all PvP’ers.
You wouldn’t need to capture GG anymore because people can just go look for another empty and abandoned GG somewhere.

Have you been to GG this season?

I also don’t think you understand. There would be one and only one with any gold at a time. No one would “go look for another empty and abandoned”, because there wouldn’t be anything there.

But no matter how bad GG is this season, it’s still a hotspot. Making more GG’s wouldn’t be good.
And I understand that there’d only be 1 time gold. But that’s still not a good idea.

You should go take a look and then reconsider “it’s still a hotspot”

What’s wrong with GG? The red gold is better than it’s been in seasons…

I’ve been to many many systems and moons. POIs tend to be spread out a lot more but I’ve founf POIs on both PVE and PVP worlds. I’ve found deposits on moons and planets of all except gold, aluminium and platinum. Z&E are often found together and you can also get T & M together.

Not found a single outer universe planet as good or interesting as the core planets which is IMO a good thing.

I found a PvP moon that has an 80m thick layer of ice crust that seems to span the entire globe. It’s a small moon called Oosh in the Thube system on NA.