Has anyone set this up on BlueFang Server before, Need Help

I have a BlueFangSolutions Server. I wanted to use this tool to better admin my server, and i really am not having any luck with it. I am trying to use the lite version with FTP. First question is about the FTP Game directory. Not really sure i understand about the ( at least one folder ) I looked on my server file manager and on Filezilla , but the only thing i have between me and the server files is a ( / ) .

Here are some SS if you can help me understand what i am doing wrong, Thanks
something else too that im not so sure about. It want me to link it to the Dedicated.yaml file, thats fine but that file has never done anything for me, its like a dummy file , the dedicated_server.yaml you see in the pics is the one Bluefang tole me to config , and it makes all my config changes for the game. I also double checked and made sure telnet was true and it is. Any other information i can give you let me know. Thank again

Just realized as a new user i can only post one pic so if you can help i will send them to you or something.


you need to play a bit with the FTP settings.
For example turn the FTP-Old way off and then klick on “Refresh from FTP” if you get an arrow, try to change the FTP-Type and try it again. Normaly that fixes the Issue.
the “/” in the FTP-Directory should be right if its your entry point. many server start though with something like “IP_PORT/” like “123_456_215_2121/”

also: Did you set your FTP Password over the button?

PS: I remved your pic… better not show your IP and User etc

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Might ty looking at the nitrado sever setup posts. Much would probably be the same.

Thats were i started was with the Nitrado Setup post, but Nitrado has a different file setup. I used Nitrado until i realized how bad there servers and customer support was . Now I use BLUEFang, much better service and quality. On the other hand i really want to use admin helper on my sever. I have done a lot of modding through life and i am building a game on unity for the past 8 months, but this has me stumped. It has to be something small that i am not doing right, so small i am overlooking it. I have tried so many different ways that i finally gave up for a day or 2. Now i am trying again hoping for better results. I keep getting errors like these…
This is what i get with the FTP old way NOT CHECKED
Error while downloading file dedicated.yaml from ftp server. Timed out trying to read data from a socket stream!

This is what i get with it checked.
Error while downloading file dedicated.yaml from ftp Server. the underlying connection was closed. The server committed a protocol violation.

Anyways thats were i am at today.

With not checked “FTP Old way” did you try the FTP Types: Active / Passive / SFTP? Can you post those errors too?
If that does not work, maybe we can take a look over teamviewer (but then please write us via mail, not in public)