Have damaged base on a PVE (Allianceworld) to the planet

Alliance Planet (PVE)
SergP (BSA)
Today someone has fired at our base and has damaged it. A part of the equipment and resources were gone (from povrezhedniya). How it could happens on a PVE to the planet???

Hey SergP,

I am not familiar with any way to damage strutures on PvE.
This looks more like some other people talked already about:
As I resetted the faction planets the drones were active again. So they go and hunt some bases.
Only explanation I have right now.


Against drones there is a tourist’s fir-tree but it didn’t shoot. Some ship shot from far away at first rockets - but damages weren’t, then shot plasma and the base has collapsed.
PS I have checked - all shells for the gun are whole - it didn’t shoot

Drones vs Flak… cmon, thats not funny. Drones had no chances even vs simple 30mm Cannon…

P.S.: I hear Traders got the same problem. Sounds bad.

I found our base on a faction planet damaged, with what appears as weapons fire. This should not be possible, unless the POIs were reset and there were drones going around, which I think is not the case.

if nothing special is in your intruder log we also can only guess…
By now all poi / drones should be cleared so we need people to report how they did it