HBH Rule Violations Again

So, we started a new faction of Traders because we messed up with the rules. HBH flew in and started by blowing up one of my CV’s and after several attempts to have them to leave we tried our best to fight back.

NWT is a Trader faction, we did not attack them, they attaIcked us. I have screen shots of asking Devil if he wants help, but instead they kept attacking, and Devil kept spawning and ammo draining us.

  1. Hunters don’t attack Traders - against the rules.
  2. Spawn camping - against the rules.

I know you guys might say well you did it to you us - yes but you also spawn killed/griefed me, so we should have made our peace and thats it.

But we started over as Traders, and did nothing to provoke an attack, in fact I went out of my way to make sure we were avoiding you.

You are correct. But what you are NOT posting is the fact that we are at war. A war started over your guys running their mouth when I (Faction Owner) was trying to resolve an issue peacefully, the issue of your guy mining on a gold met that one of my guys was already mining. Just cause you switch from lawless to trader and hide behind the trader faction does not mean we are not at war. Especially when there was NO peace agreement.

Therefore that rule was not violated.

You cant call it spawn camping or griefing when you are running towards turrets.

It is not ammo draining when a player is running AWAY from you. Devil was trying to get away from from your CV.

Please feel free to provide screen shots to the contrary.

Hi Methose,

The war was started when Jelly killed Bos for mining off a meteor he was mining off of, and then your faction got lippy to us, and then my guys got lippy towards you. If you recall I was trying to be peaceful about the whole situation.

Also, the reason your guys provided for attacking us initially was because we were considered Lawless or Non-Faction, I mean the real reason was Jelly was just being a hot head, but the excuse was because were Non-Faction. So we become a new entity, and started over.

As for screenshots of Devil ammo draining, I have provided them to RexXus already.

There is no concept of “war” stated in the rules that gives you free reign to attack whoever you want. I had feared something like this would result eventually based on the lack of understanding of how Hunters work. I would ask that you cease attacking NWT as there is no basis for you attacking them. They acknowledged the mistake in faction stuff, now leave them alone.

Devil in fact did not ammo drain he was trying to get away from your base. However the laggy turrets that were shooting him through the mountain killed him as soon as he spawned in. You could have just shut the turrets off when we were not near your base to allow him to get away like we did with our base on Gold Federation.

I have pictures of him miles away from our base Peredition, perfectly safe and sound, I even offered him assistance. I learned my lesson, now I screen shot everything that happens that I suspect is a violation.

Also, you guys never stopped attacking us, you just kept swooping back in, so no we couldn’t have shut the turrets off, you had minimum 1 SV around our base the entire time.

I’m aware of the previous encounters you had with HbH Nova. My understanding from speaking to HbH is your two faction are at war.

You may think renaming your faction to Trader gets you out of war, but I don’t see any post or chat logs saying “Hey we’re traders now can we have peace.”

This is what I actually see in chat.

9/3/2016 18:25 NwO XXXBosniaNXXX take care
9/3/2016 18:32 NWT XXXBosniaNXXX fa:supply
9/3/2016 18:32 NWT daedalus160 fa:supply
9/3/2016 18:34 NWT XXXBosniaNXXX if i am a trader why is it not letting me get my supply
9/3/2016 18:35 NWT XXXBosniaNXXX just switched to trader

With the on going Trader abuse I’m considering this issue closed.

If you want peace with HbH I suggest you ask for it.