Heavy Capital Spaceships Turning As Light Fighters

Here is a nice idea of how to make HWS gameplay more challenging and closer to reality.

How about a removal of RCS T2 from the game and limiting standard RCS’s for capital ships to 10.

The heavier the ship, the slower it will rotate.
It may help the server with performances and finally make small vehicles more important in space or planetary battles.


Nice idea, but I don’t think admins have control over limiting each module differently.

Has been recently discussed already. The general consensus was “no” if I remember correctly.

Besides I already know a way to ‘exploit’ that anyway and so will other veterans in no-time if that get’s implemented.

[quote=“Igniter, post:1, topic:3456”]
closer to reality.
[/quote]Nobody cares about reality. We need balance and stability. Besides in reality the only way for small space fighter to win vs battleships would be for them to outnumber the big ship by like 200 to 1. If you want more reality you need even stronger CV’s and more nerfs to SV’s. But we don’t want that do we?

Luke blew up the death star with a SV :stuck_out_tongue:

Number of RCS could be limited same way turrets are . If someone knows way to ‘exploit’ that also then they can do it right now . That’s no the point .

Good luck pushing it through (not gonna discuss this further/again).

Slowing down the rotation of massive ships is absolutely what is needed for balance.

I don’t have the time or energy to collect 200k iron to create 15 layers of armor on a 20k block ship. And I can’t dodge juke or run from massive ships because they can pace my tiny CV at every turn.

Limiting RCS blocks on CVs would allow smaller factions and solo players to at least get away from massive battleships. It would also create challenging strategic battle situations where small ships would be able to stay on the blind/weak/damaged side of larger ships. It would force large factions to deploy smaller CVs to counter small craft, just like in normal navy strategy.

Instead we have 2km long ships turning on a dime. Realistically, the G forces created at the ends of a ship in a turn like that would turn a body into a puddle of goo inside a suit.

The people who stand to lose from a change like this are the factions who can afford 200k ships and dominate everything with them, and they’re also the most vocal on the forums…

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There is a maximum translation speed, there could also be a maximum angular speed, no need for thruster/rcs limits.

Eh. I fly small CV’s (~80k iron or less) and I love it. They’re very effective if built properly and can stand toe to toe with our 200k strength ships.

G Forces is a bad argument in a game that has artificial gravity generators.

I hate the way CV’s are balanced right now but capping rotational speed or capping number of RCS isn’t the answer.