Heavy EU server Mars corruption

Hey guys,

the last time we had this serious issue was 4 month ago. Where NOTHING worked. Unloading, restarting. Nothing. It was just something very very broken in the ents.dat. Someone spawned or build something really broken and everything just crashed there.

We had to wipe Mars to ensure a working playfield

We feel very sorry.
Once again this shows us that it is alpha and this can happen.

Always keep your OCD in mind at least.

Your HWS Team


Why didnt gave massage and time, to save Ships?..

No one could loggin to Mars anyhow. There was no way to save a ship, sadly. We had to wipe


Please don’t that let you down. You’re not to blame and I believe that if there was a way to prevent this, you would do it. But yeah, that’s a really sad incident.



Epic, All faction lost ALL… I lost ALL farm for ALL day. And what I get? Respawn under 5 drones!!! Man - thats fail.

It’s not HWS fault, that can happened and if you’re still in a starter planet you probably didn’t have a lot to loose imo so keep cool.

Alex, the debates on who deserves what sort of compensation would be too convoluted and mostly pointless. Do you suppose admins to check every single character to see what they’ve lost? And I’m not saying that because I’ve lost nothing, far from that. I do not demand compensation because there is no way of restoring what was lost and giving something just because someone states they lost something would be even more unfair as it would provoke lies, false and truthful accusations… Noone wants to bring up that kind of drama.

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First time, I got FULL day free… I farm for ALL dat day… And lost all bc of … Why? Bc people pick TONS of BA on deposits and ruin playfield? Something gonna wrong.

Nothing, break through