Hello and some Newbie questions

Hello, i found the Homeworld sever while i was searching what the new dawn of galaxy part of empyrion means. I am relative new to the game and started on a small server with some friends. Some of us like to play on a bigger server with other players for occassional teaming up to attack pois. Personally i like roleplay very much and search for a community to do that. So now: this server here seems to be vast and so i like to ask a few quick questions about that:

Is it possible to have a starting planet with a few friends where no pvp is? Because i for myself like to build stuff alone or with only a few people, far away from every battlefield to occassionally join the battle if i like to. i also like random encounters in space sometimes…

What is dawn of galaxy? what does it mean?

Does every planet get a wipe? i don’t play very often, because i don’t have time… it would be sad to see all things gone i build then.

This server is highly modded… is the experience anything like in the vanilla game? i have my problems with to many changes (at once) i like the orientation of things i know.

Is it stable? we ware playing from germany…so is the ping ok then?


Hello and welcome,

nice to see that you played(?) my other Dawn of Galaxy scenario - even though it is not connected to HWS :wink:

Yes, we have dedicated PvE starter planets. However in Multiplayer it is a bit different than Singleplayer or Co-Op.
On HWS a lot of players are playing and we try to make a great experience for everyone. Solo, Co-Op, Group.
That means that you have (for now) 7 days to build your stuff and escape from the planet till it gets wiped for performance and gameplay reasons (fresh for newcomers).
Then, if you decide to warp out of the starter system, you can’t go back anymore. You are free to explore all the others systems where you also have PvE planets. However these are either “Reward” Planets - you need Reputation Points to settle there or are dedicated to “survival” like -200 °C, lot of fog, aliens, high gravity, etc.
So you still have a thrill to play PvE without the need of PvP.

That scenario of mine is really not connected to HWS and I don’t know why you have this connection / idea in first place.
I created Dawn of Galaxy for pure Singleplayer gameplay (a part II with Multiplayer is in planning though).

It is the most moddest server you will find. Some like it, some not. We just implemented features we think are a great addition and boost the game to another level like our OCD feature.

The server is located at france so from germany you have a good ping and if you mean stable in terms of “is this server trustful” > we run HWS since 1 year and 3 months. Stable in terms of disconnects > we are working on a big improvement which I will announce later today.

You can also visit the “german” community if you like or is more comfortable:

or in discord.

Either way - have fun with Empyrion.


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It was poor randomeness… :slight_smile: i wasn’t searching for a server but googling the patchnotes of empyrion where there was a text about dawn of galaxy. I wanted to know what this actually ist and google pointed me to this server. I red some things about the vast server here and it sounds like something i should test.

So if i leave my starting planet i could build a base on omicron or a planet like that? Raid POIS and also find some pvp if i want to? that sounds nice.
Also that server bank seems to be a good feature. If i understand correctly: i can store many items there in case of a planetary wipe.

Ye be warned, thar be pirates :skull_crossbones:

That’s correct. We have features on HWS like Orbital Cargo drone, Orbital auto Miners, Elemental Bank, Elemental Garage, Elemental Galatic Services etc.

In addition, there is nothing about the HWS universe that is the Vanilla game. That includes planets like Akua and Omicron. You should be happy to find plenty of unique things here.

I will say, it’s not an easy server. It’s unforgiving and hard and take a real effort to succeed. But that’s part of what makes it fun. :slight_smile:
Welcome and enjoy!!

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