Hello and thx for helping me

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:all the Things I’ve build are disappeard

Player(s) with issue:2me and my friend

Server:i dont know the right answer but, it is the european server

Time (cb:time):if u mean when did it happend I dont remember Maybe a month ago

Playfield:it was on a planet

Structure Name(s):dont remember never looked at the Name xD

Structure ID(s):how can i find it ?

How can we help you now:I wish I or someone that is allowed to do it, could respawn all my Things or Maybe just the ships and the base the material aren’t so important

Welcome to HWS @Professor_Mari

Unfortunately there is no name “Professor_Mari” on HWS EU.
What is your steam name?

  1. You want to follow the tutorial and get off the starter planet to another within 7 days or your stuff goes away. Also, if you dont touch a structure anywhere, in 2 weeks, it gets removed.

  2. You have to provide your username in steam to get a specific answer or they have no way to examine you, your location, your structures, or logfiles for events related to you.

3 EU server is the right answer

  1. They would need a time or sequence of events to understand what your describing. If you hit . and type cb:time it will show you the current server date and time.

  2. If you press M you should be able to find the planet name

6/7. You should familiarize yourself with the HWS Connect website if you havent already. Among other things, the Structure Commander can be helpful for reviewing names and ids of your structures as well as getting you out of a bind sometimes. Also, if you hit the ~ key it will activate the console screen where you can type di to activate a little window that displays id and location and other debugging info about whatever structure you have the crosshairs on.

  1. I dunno if they would respawn your structures under the circumstances but they would certainly need your steamid and the accurate last time and location you saw the structures, or the structure ids and names to do it. You havent provided them near enough to go on.
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my steam Name is “Maestro”, it is an italian account lv.4.

ok so…my steam name is Maestro, it is an italian account lv.4, right now i started again and i am on the pirate tutorial planet(easy, medium size), cb:time= 24 Apr 2020, 00:46
i’ve checked that the sturcture are on the workshop.
If they won’t respawn my Things, of Course i will be al Little bit sad…but prob. was my foult to not enter the server or move the ships.
anyway thx for helping me

Sorry for the delay. I couldn’t find structures of you or your RCM faction.
But I reset your fa:supply at least.

Ok thank u again for helping me, don’t worry for the delay, with all the thinghs u have probably to do it is normal. No Problem for the ship, i will work and mine some stuff so that I can spawn it agin. I wish u a nice day.


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