Hello I put my ship on sale

Hello I put my ship GOTICA on sale and disappeared and did not receive the credits. 500000

vhslagter . gal. Hunter. Elemental Marketplace HWS Garage HWS EU:


all is good.
You got your money but you have ~3 million debts. before 3,5. Now only 3. It is going to 0 till you make profit again.

How’s that possible i do not understand my ships were never so big It must be a blueprint that was damaged
In the beginning you should give people a margin because you do not know how things work.
It is very difficult to win the credits before you found gold in Lucifer but now I do not know where to get it.
I have tried to negotiate but it is not easy also I have lost many ships.
If you remove all mi credits I have no way to reinvest in order to earn more credits.

I still do not understand how you charge the tax I was reading in the forum but I do not deduct it from my account.

Well okay no matter thanks for the info.


ok I see, you don’t understand how this works.

Please read this guide carefully:

or even this video:

OR just press F1 ingame for all information.

So we can’t do more than giving you all of this. If people still “don’t know” then they obviously don’t want to know.

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