Help for Pack XL

Hello, I bought an XL pack but when I try to recover it with the command “do: rp: xl”, I have the message “sorry, you are missing 3 reputation” so I do not get anything.
It is impossible for me to link my steam to my current account “Papotar” on hws because it puts in loop that there was too much connection on the network … even after more hours. Thank you for your answers and nice day. Papotar

Sorry for my english

hey there @Papotar
ok, so first for the xl pack… if you go back to the support screen and check it out, u will notice it say that costs money +3RP…
RP are the reputation points you gain from playing on hws…

to receive the package in-game … u need to have enough RP! u can’t just buy and spawn them without it!

as for linking steam to hws connect… u simply need to sign in… however sometimes steam has trouble (especially on weekends)… just be patient and try it out a few hours later :man_shrugging:

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Thank you for the quick reply. I actually thought I had enough reputation because I had played a few months ago. So I’ll wait to link my account to steam to earn RP by voting … hoping that I can do it before the period of 7 days to take off before the wipe :slight_smile: thank you very much and a very nice day

you’re welcome mate.
if it was a few month… might have been reset with the new season!
u can also gain RP by looting POIs and finding the origin container boxes! check the link above :wink:

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If you are on eu, and need havent got the rp before 7 days, let hwp know.

Anyway, one rp for the vote, and a daily loot should get you there :wink:

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