HWS Reputation Points



HWS Reputation Points are essentially Fame Currency for HWS. HWS RP can grant you powerful advantages, so it’s definitely worth it to consistently work to increase your reputation and earn a high HWS RP balance. With a high balance and a steady income of HWS RP, you can spend it like currency to unlock greater access to gameplay advantages and various abilities.

How To Acquire Reputation Points (HWS RP)?

There are several active ways to earn RP in addition to various passive methods.

Note: You must play actively (daily) to get HWS RP from your Origin HWS RP system

What can you buy with HWS RP?

Note: HWS Reputation is wiped at the end of each HWS season when there is a full wipe. Each HWS RP point is rewarded with 7000 credits in your bank for the next season.

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