Help forgot to Home my Cv and now Fresh start offers no tools!

so i was flying around the pvp comet planet looking for resources saw another sv took chase and begin hitting it with rockets only to see they had bigger back up flying towards us lol my sv was tooken down and i was killed and raided for goods … no problem there… well i go to revive to my Cv in space and see no option to revive there !!! im assuming casue i didnt have it set to home is what im reading but idk to far away from the planet i died on? im forced to repeatedly close to death revive and get repeatedly killed by LLF Xenocide while they loot my body and ship… once again no issues with that they needed time to loot and i was forces to close spawn … well after spawning another sv alittle ways away to dsitract them off my backpack in the hopes they left the starter drill and starter constructor they give chase kill me and blow it up i run back to my 1st back pack to find my drill but no constructor… im screwed… well even tho i knew it was futile i found some prometheum and began harvesting in the hopes i would stumble on to someone else backpack with a constructor and then xenocide shows back up and continues killing me with his shotgun numerous times for what reason i dont know… o finally gave up trying to close spawn as i was being trolled and went for the long haul fresh start which meant collecting resouces and making a cheapy warp ship to get back to my CV in Comet orbit…i fresh start arrive back on starter pvpv planet :frowning: and get no starter tools to fresh start with… now im doubely screwed! is my only option to reset lose everything and have to re lvl back to 20 ??? this really sucks i hope u guys may have a better solution for me … thanks guys!

what faction are you from ? if your freelancer I can give you a package to get your back on your feet.

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I see you met the “friendly” mentality of the HWS community in PVP :slight_smile: . Welcome!

Now seriously: Join a faction and ask for help? If you solo, then yeah reset.

Next time: fill your OCD before you PVP and have backup ships at all times in case you end up at the starter planet again. People in PVP are usually anything but nice/respectful and will kill you whenever they can even if that means killing you over and over again or abusing a bug you just had (or worse).

freelancer… back on starter planet now with no tools :frowning:

got a couple back ups but spawned with no fuel and no drill or constructor to get more…

Yeah that is why I suggested to be able to be able to get fuel, food, o2 and pentaxit in PVP from your OCD.

But I still highly recommend you to join an active faction. Being solo in this game, especially in PVP, is really harsh.

But isn’t the freelancer starter planet pve? Means you should be able to use OCD.

I had almost the same experience once ,so i learned from it and got all I need loaded to OCD (Orbital Cargo Drone) like T2 Drill , Charges, Survival Constructor , some basic parts for base (large constructor,fuel tank, small generator), fuel , also Auto Miner even at level one can accumulate resources needed for emergency situation like this. Becoming donator will allow you to use donator package full of stuff that will help you recover faster .Also if you didn’t used fa:supply that will be perfect time to do so. But in case you run out of options ask other player for help .

Did you not have a medic bay or whatever they are called on your CV? Work the same as the old clone chambers for respawning.

No they sometimes don’t work at all regardless of home setting. Known problem since (at least) 4.0. Nobody knows why or how to reproduce it.

Thanks for the suggestions guys i didnt really understand the how to use the OCD as of yet can i access it anywhere or do i have to get into space to access it?

So here’s two bits of info that might help, and two suggestions.
First: Setting a CV to Home doesnt work if you move the CV afterwards. You have to remember to set it to home again. Then you can spawn from anywhere in server. I prefer spawn bases for this reason.
Second: Starting fresh does not give you gear ( as you saw). This was done intentionally, as people would farm their fresh drops for the ever valuable rations, miner cores, and mats. But the server gives you an option to spawn fresh with tools (cb:restart). it WILL wipe all your player data though, so you would lose access to anything you had elsewhere, you will have to find it again, core it, recore it, etc.

Heres my suggestion though. If you are being attacked, and cannot win the attack but want to try again in same location later, Try logging out for an hour or so. Yes its combat logging. But if you died in space, or in a non critical area, it really doesnt offer an advantage other than not dying a lot, and is generally not worth setting up devices to make sure the person doesnt respawn there. At that point you can spawn back, see if they are still there, and possibly get some help to get back on your feet.
Also, Freelancer is kind of busted on purpose. If you are interested in playing on the server and making the most of it, pick a faction any faction. Atleast then you have the option of RP and supply packages, as well as a higher likelihood that someone can help you if you are down on your luck. I suggest trader or guardian.

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It should be mentioned though that in the end a Freelancer came to his help. He got a ride and fuel :slight_smile:

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Fair enough. Good to hear.

yea i had a very helpful player nopal come to my rescue!, offered to pay him for his troubles and he refused lol such a gentleman! got the OCD figured out now ! getting her stocked up with drills and fuel! thanks again for the help nopal and for the advice mcprouty! ive been leary of joining a faction as i dont truly understand the ins and outs of RP and fees… i seem to be having money disapear on the regular so not sure what im doing to be fined or if im just using HWS commands that i dont realize cost me money! lol im sure ill eventually join one … but im a slow learner still getting the hang of this game 100 hrs in lol

Chances are you are getting taxed. Leaving anything on elemental orbit, homeworld space, or gabriel I think it was will cause the server to remove credits from your player.

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