Help, i need caracter reset

I need a character reset and i cant log in on the game, my character is bugged,(you got warped since you were inside the atmosphere or bellow the ground. please relog). adm, please reset my character.

Hey @DezHeal
Did you type"cb:reset" already?

He could not log in the game to type the command, rexus, this is why he asked for reset. But i Think that how the server have been restarted he is normal now. The problem to him was just like mine yesterday. I got stucked on my cv after enter in a playfield. He got stucked after the passager seat that he was sit, was demolished. Weird bug that follows the game since pre-alpha.

Ah I see, sorry didn’t know it.
Alright, if the problem still exists let me know please.
At the moment the bugs are horrible and a motivation killer.