Help lost cv!

To Whom it May Concern,

Hi, after being unable to connect to the server last night I decided to take a nap. I woke up too late and lost all of my main CV/SVs. The CV, had ALL of my resources/inventory on it. PLEASE help me with this situation. In the following paragraph I have all the information that I know to give you.

CV- Tupac ID- 6293107 Loc- Mars Position-1148
SV- Icebreaker ID- 6286306 Mars P- 1138
SV- Apollo 8 ID- 6871091 Mars P-1156
Sv- Solar13 ID- 6286207 Mars P-1134

Just curious as to how long a response usually takes? I do understand that you guys are not obligated to return any of my losses. With that being said, if you do it will be greatly appreciated and it won’t happen again,


I see it was because of the regular wipe (you can see the time by typing cb:wipe ingame). So since you are new we don’t say “shit happens” but try to help in offer you to choose which of the one you want to replaced?

Since your forum name is not available in the game (what is against Rule 3.3) I can’t help you ingame. Please use your steam name also in the forum, thanks.

I am definetely a noob lol. Sorry I thought Jblizzy32 was my steam name, maybe my email ******* (Jascha: I took your EMail out)? Also, my CV “Tupac” would be what I would like replaced(it has all of my resources). Thanks for the time and help.

I changed the name on forums…let me know if that worked for helping me ingame. Thanks!

Jascha restored it and I warped you to the Tupac ship.

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I knew Tupac is alive