Help lost ship (HV)

Yesterday I lost HV on cryo F2 (EU server) due to some kind of bug. Two days before I docked it to my CV. When I loged in yesterday ship appeared in registry but it disappeared from HV deck. I tried to get to it through waypoint but it pointed 100m above the ground, half planet away. I asked for help on discord yesterday. Someone directed me here. Also status for my HV is now “Deleted”…
HV was cheap but it had 6xlasers miners… it took me a while to loot POIs for resources… Harvest box containted probably 3-6k of iron ore… Any chance to get resources and drills back?

HV ID:2252748


yeah the ship glitched into the pole somehow. (related to docking…)

I restored it from the backup. Please check your map.

Thx. Problem solved.