Help mined materials from CV mining turret disapearing

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  • Brief description of problem and actions taken are: I have a mining laser on my CV , which Seems to mine fine, However the ores that i see as collected in the bottom left while mining, do not appear in the harvest cargo container on my ship.
    I’ve tried the following , moving said mining laser & harvest container multiple times, logging in and out multiple times, changing asteroids multiple times.´I have the latest update of game.
  • Player name is: Delveling
  • Server is:
  • date & time are: 01 november 21:00 (2 hours leading up to that time was the time period)
  • Playfield is: Lawless Home (in orbit in the asteroids belt)
  • CV NAME is : REALLY NOT A Drillmaster
  • CV ID is: 3782251

Thnx in advance

Right forgot something :slight_smile:
Server is: HWS EU |Season II|Custom Universe|Story|Active|PvPvE|Mods Alpha 7.1.1

Just checked it out and you’re right. Will look into it for you.

Ive tested this and its working fine for me. How about removing both devices and putting them back. See if that works?

i did that several times, i can of course try again :slight_smile:

I still have the same problem :frowning: mines , but doesnt turn up in the harvest cargo :frowning:

Did you try with other ships and experience the same?

In general that sounds like a game bug then and I welcome you to report it to the official game bug section:

have you tried to removed them, build new in the constructor and placed them?
Happend to me during the experimental 7.0 with a bp.

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