Help please - I think my body was moved

Hello there I was out of the game for around 2 months doing a real life proyect the last time i played i was at the faction alliance custom planet and and today I logged back to the game and was on the pirate planet. Got the warning and got ejected but now im at the orbit just me with no ship or nothing. I have my inventory also full.

Is there a way for the admins to please place my back from where i was or to at least send me to the starting alliance planet?

I think while i was afk my body got moved but my inventory its still fine… I always knew that the pirates wants me because my body and not for fights.

Thank you

you could always do a CB:RESET and it will taike you back to your starter planet.

When you do a FA:INFO what role does it say you are in? Does that agree with HWS Connect?

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There was a bug a couple weeks back that kept putting people around onto the pirate starter normally. Might have hit you then, and just now noticed it.

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For now we have a kind of clean up function. Maybe that is why.
Sorted it out.

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