Help setting up EAH on G-Portal Server

So here is what I have done so far. I have EAH (lite I assume) from my Empyrion dedicated folder. I have telnet turned on on the server and a password set.

When I first opened EAH it asked me the where I am using and I set the IP and port to match the server. Then sync’d the password. Pretty straight forward. Then EAH goes to the main screen. there is no info there. I click on the tool and it shows the IP as the local

I have read.

I just don’t know how to make this work on a rented remote server.

Please help if you can.


the lite Version is not in the Steam download (Name is shown in the title on the top).
You can download the lite here: Download | Emp Admin Helper

Main part is entering the Telnet and FTP information in the EAH config.

See here : Setup | Emp Admin Helper
and here: FTP | Emp Admin Helper

Especialy the parts with “(Lite)” behind and FTP.

Also it mentions then to create a Timetable entry for regular updates of player-data.

Hello, I follow these instructions and I can’t make it work, I couldn’t indicate a process guide for servers, even something like this would be very helpful but with your instructions

If it’s for gportal server, do you need to download empyrion’s dedicated server from steam?

What should I select here? And once selected, should I fill in those fields too?

Here what fields do I fill and how because I can’t make it work.

for the configuration of the server I suppose that these tabs are the ones that I must fill in, right?
Captura de pantalla 2022-02-24 144324

If someone could make some screenshots similar to mine indicating what to fill in and others, it would be of great help and faster,
The documentation did not help me. greetings!

Please read the instructions.
The selection is clear: your eah does not run on the server where your Game runs, otherwise you would use the Full Version on the server. But you started it on your private PC right? So please select that and enter the Data you get from your hoster.

Thats all.

Haha! What an easy fix that was. All it took was using the correct version. Thanks for your the advice.

Might you help me? I am also with gportal and I have a small problem now, it does not activate the ftp, could you tell me how you have it configured? regards

All I did was enter the server IP, FTP username, port and FTP password from the portal. Boom! It works.

Well, it works for me but not completely, for example if you want to see the structures in features that I suppose will be the bases and ships of the players, it won’t let me, it tells me that I don’t have ftp active, the same if I enter config, tool, this appears to me.

Are you using the Lite version? That was the fix to that issue for me.

yes, the latest version of lite

The Lite Version does not have structures etc (everything that is greyed out). See here for example: Structures | Emp Admin Helper It mentions only the Full Version. The Lite Version is very limited.

The message you get in the config is only an information, no error.

Hello new hear and seem to be in the right place as im not finding much on the topic. I am currently trying to download EAH and keep getting the 403 Forbidden error… can anyone help?

Welcome to HWS,
I fixed it now.

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