Help with a locked mobile constructor

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What happened: I put down a mobile constructor on our faction planet TCB and now I can’t access it. It tells me other faction. It is located just outside the base inside the hill.
Player(s) with issue: Tripwire
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): 2 days ago
Playfield: TCB Faction planet
Structure Name(s): Fortress of Solitude
Structure ID(s): 5797539
How can we help you now: can you please unlock the mobile constructor? I have materials in it I want back

1st try to relog.
2nd when you spawned your base was it privet or in a faction?
if it was public then somone has taken it over NEVER PUT ANYTHING INPUBLIC unless the police say so.
or you are passing the structure over to a faction or friend.
Can you supply more info

I re-logged and still could not access it. It not a problem with the base it is a problem with the survival constructor we get when we first start out. I placed it and now can not access it. It is currently sitting just out side my base fore-mentioned. I was using it to keep supplies protected.

you can make those faction abble check no one has changed to to private by mistake

No one did. This all happened within seconds of placing it. No one else was even close to me or the area I was in.

okay well im sure rex can give you ownership back just be patient

Ok, thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hello @Tripwire

sorry to say but even we with godmode invisible powers can’t retrieve the content of that survival constructor anymore.

It is a more or less known bug that Watergenerator / Survival Constructor on mountains sometimes lose the faction belongings but we are not able to reproduce this properly.

It is for the start a fast good way to handle stuff but should be avoided at a later stage.

Also keep in mind that your planet has a weekly Surface Wipe like today 11PM and all placeable devices would vanish with that action.


Good enough Rex. Thanks for looking at the issue and for the heads up about this known issue, much appreciated,

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