Help with AEH

Hello, I would like to know how I could give the ships and bases back to the players after a wipe, greetings!

for that you need to make a backup before the wipe and restore them all manually over the Structure list, right click, Restore from Backup.

But I would not recommend restoring structures after a wipe. And if you want to do this for a lot of player, this is a lot of work, time and if you restore to many it can be buggy.

You need the EAH Full Version for that

Hello, and if it were just the ships, would it be less of a problem? is that we want to try the reforged eden atlantis and we would like to at least keep the ships, do you know if this would be possible? Greetings and thanks for your response.

Same thing.
If you switch scenarios there is a big chance that you cannot even use the ships from the old save, since blocks etc are different