Help with CV disappearing from Cryo starter planet

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: CV disappeared from starter planet
Player(s) with issue: Leonduguit
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Some time in the last 6 hours
Playfield: (Sorry, I don’t know what this means)
Structure Name(s): Ship 1
Structure ID(s): (Also don’t know, apologies for my inexperience)
How can we help you now: Please find whether it was taken (which I don’t think is likely as it was marked to private) or disappeared, and in either case help restore it. I was literally about to leave the starter planet so it was laden down with every block and resource that I had moved or deconstructed from my little base.

Hi Leon, it was deleted because it hadnt been “touched” for 7 days. by touched we mean entering cockpit cycling power, flying it. Since you’re just getting to grips with everything, ive restored it for you this once :slight_smile:

For future ref Structure ID can be found by looking in the structure commander HERE - and the server time can be found by typing cb:time in Faction Chat. The Playfield is the planet you’re on / Space you’re in.

Thank you very much. Just as a point of reference, I had flown in that ship the day before. So perhaps something to look at going forward.