Help yourself command: cb:crashhelp



So… I think most of us have at least once (i get it daily), experienced the following scenario:

  1. U start warping.
  2. While warping (no matter stargate or just warping or entering atmosphere) u crash.
  3. U log back in and ur back to the place u started to warp, but your ship is where u warped…
  4. Youre either stranded or need to work 10-15 minutes to get your ship back.

This is not an issue, any player should repeatetly experience and unfortunally it comes from game itself…
Also, asking police every single time makes them kinda tired… Worse case, u warp in pvp and u cant do anything about the fact, youre about to lose your ship.

Solution: Players could have an command in their sleeves, called cb:crashhelp or crashhelp or whatever…

What it will do:

  1. U crashed - it will stealth your ship for 10 minutes. (timer is now ticking)
  2. U log back in - Ship still stays stealthed, and u somewere stranded…
  3. U type the command cb:crashhelp. Command will automatically detect the situation and teleports to your ship (if not on the seat, while unstealthing the ship).
  4. U are one happy traveler who can continue his/hers journey!!!

If anybody can point out the ways to abuse it, please do so. But i m also shure, there are ways to make shure, people cannot use command for their advantage (talking specially about pvp, cus in pve it does not matter).

So basically i also think that same command could be implemented in other ways also… (future development of same command)
1 - If u seem to get crashed midair and you are in pve world. Same thing could be applied. If someone uses it multyble times in row (near poi or smth), the command would freeze for certain amount of time.
2 - … If someone experiences some crashing situations or situations where simple command could help instead calling police and letting him do all for u, please shout your ideas!

Note: Rex told me to post it/make ticket under “help yourself” but i m not really good at useing this forum, so i did not found anything saying “help yourself”… so please if i wrote this to wrong place, thanks for your understanding.

What do you guyz think about it?
Regards, Tive.


For example, it just happened again.


  1. PvP Scaled battle on homeworld.
  2. Went resupply/repair…
  3. Coming back, and warping to hw.
  4. Crashed hw.
  5. Still trying to get back (5 minutes and counting).
  6. Now finally i can reconnect. (after multible game restarts for eac reasons)
  7. Spawned in, ship has been taken. I m stranded in hw space (well i can warp back but i just lost ship with blueprint and gear/ammo… Feels bad right?

*edit, i got camped and killed :smiley:
*note, center of the battle was in hw, AAA base. So my crash wasnt near the heat.



So… expanding idea. (PVP Special)

In meanwhile, until dev.s figure out (if its even possible) the answer for crashing losses or time waste, mabey we as an family/community will figure out an simple rule between us, that would help our fellow members have their ships saved while they got crashed or have some kind of force major situations next to stargates.

  1. Obv… nobody can turn their turrets off… So if ur cv… it cannot stop u from doing your thing. But at the same time precision job and bp teft (wich i hate most about it, cus i worked damn hard for my design) would be the things that one could avoid doing.
  2. And center of pvp battle… if battle is on the stargate or you are camping the stargate (cus i know u are allowed to do so). U obv… must take it down (but again, the bp and precision teft mabey shouldnt be the way to go).
  3. If anybody have other situations where this could not be evaded, type it out!

Rule: It is forbidden to intentionally damage or steal ships that are powered/healthy but stranded near supergates. Because you never know, if he quited next to supergate (who would do that) or crashed.

I know it wont help for warping but rules cannot control everything anyway.

Or… we can forget about the rule and if you are unlucky, you just are. And you can go cry to your pillow about this… :smiley: From my experience, it sure made my day… and not in the good way.

Thanks for your attention.