Here's a thought provoker for ship design

Just a thought topic, no reason to get too excited… I’m lookin’ at you, you… you know who you are. Yeah, you.

Exploring a What if scenario where they make changes in an effort to make targeting more realistic by using some of your suggestions around targeting VISIBLE components first…

Worry is that everyone just builds a cube around it all, etc, etc…

But why not make Thrusters damage a relative block distance behind them? Perhaps even in front. They are thrusters after all. Say Small Thrusters damage 1 block in fron, 1 block in back – so dont put stuff there… XL thrusters damage 2 blocks in front and 5 blocks back…

Now THAT would cause some interesting design changes and force you to be more strategic in placing your 200 thrusters…


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Ya this became a thing in Space engineers and it immediately changed the way people built, and made far more logical ship building practices. But be warned, it will immediately make all existing ships self destruct right after that update lol

I should say, damage behind the block doesnt make sense to me as much, at least if you think of the area behind as being the part not hit by the exhaust. The other side absolutely

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Me…You mean me…Surely no …Nah you canny mean me. I like the idea of splash damage but should be reduced when passing through blocks ( steel blocks 20% reinforced steel 40% and combat 60% reductions for example :slight_smile:

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It would be a good change to force thrusters to be external - but first they would need to drastically increase their HP values.

External modules need to have the same HP/block density as combat steel to be worthwhile.

Forcing the current thrusters to be external would result in players using tons of med thrusters spread out all over the ship.


You mean in front ? i was thinking INTAKE would create a 1 block or 2 block zone - kind of like an actual engine.[quote=“Blackvortex, post:3, topic:4723”]
Me…You mean me…Surely no …Nah you canny mean me.

You know you… :expressionless:

Totally agree - to have your critical things out in the open would mean they should expect more damage without crippling your ship. Else you have to plan for redundancy.

Whats stopping me from putting thrusters on the front of my ship and ramming you and burning your ship to a crisp?

Lack of ninja skills lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well if thrusters cause damage by being turned on and how mord spoke, have your hp increased, so yes this will cause changes in almost all the projects we have in hws, because those in the steam workshop, mostly already have almost all the propellers out…

This would be a welcome change, but still would not prevent some internal propellers, because the damage of the propellers has an area of action and if you leave this space empty you will not take any internal damage …

The total lack of collisions.


ANNNDDD …Ninja skills :smiley:

Terminology is gettin me here I think. So for the atmospheric jet engines, yes you could have something like if the front of the engine (the intake) is blocked, thrust is compromised (Could have something like if not exposed to open air in front, you have reduced acceleration. But solid structures in front of a jet engine wouldnt get destroyed, just make them near useless based on the loss of airflow in. The damage would take place if something fell IN the turbine.

But Honestly a jet engine model cannot work in space as there is no atmosphere to intake. So looking at our closest analog, solid or liquid fueled boosters, There is no intake on the leading edge, only a mix chamber inside where fuel is supplied and ignited, and thrust goes out one end. That end would make a lot of sense to apply damage to things inside of it. Not so much the part of the structure that would need to be solid both to support the thruster and provide fuel.

Can you imagen the lag from all those extra calculations xD

Very good point. Even the thruster are just blocks on the leading edge so I agree here. Maybe only atmospheric gets a thrust nerf

Lack of ninja skills = yes, PLUS if this were a DoT effect, the ROI would be disastrous. You’d be swiss cheese before it took out your opponent. Think of Kerbal mechanics (Also Unity)m if you stick a ship part behind the thrust, you will eventually lose that part and all attached.

YEs, this would be a thing, but would be a mindful strategic design decision rather than what i often see a lot of which is a fully enclosed thruster(s). I dont have a problem with this, just exploring teh idea of realism in teh game mechanics.

Eleon needs to start iterating and adding depth to their gameplay. They are going far too fast and the quality of all the features is “just barely functional”. There have been many gameplay ideas that would make the game a lot better but as far as I know almost none of them have been added yet.


Let’s be fair, it’s an alpha. They’re throwing spaghetti against the wall in an orderly fashion to see what sticks. As we progress expect those things that stick to have Their features improved and balanced. Typically we players are spared the spaghetti testing, it we few who enjoy pre-beta gameplay sign up for it specifically. We’re part of the development of the game.

Voicing our opinions is part of that process, so that’s a good things cuz we have lots of em… but we should enjoy the game in the context of it being alpha, and all the glory that comes with, where glory = bugs and balance issues. :wink:


As far as I’m aware the Devs are working on stabalizing the game before beta at this stage implementing lots of new ideas creates new bugs and more work getting them to function properly and stable. Like hop said it’s an alpha game and far from complete, often sandbox games have little depth or story line but hws and various players are working hard to bring a story line and role-playing to the game to offer more depth :wink: