Hey dear HWS Community @everyone I reall [...]

Hey dear HWS Community @everyone
I really hate to bother you! I just wanted to let you know that I am currently not sure how to deal the full wipe tomorrow.
Xmas family visit had a gift for me in store which is called covid.
I prepared today a lot of stuff for tomorrow but am currently knocked out in bed, i feel cold as f***.
I try my best but at this point not sure tbh.
Will let you know tomorrow :pensive: :v:


Get well soon :heart:

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Evening RexXxus.

You prob got some idea what i’m going to type :stuck_out_tongue:

‘you delay the wipe and i will hunt you down’ :thinking: lol nah :wink:

jkiing aside… you and Ju come first, take care of each other and rest up… most of us know to well what covid can do…

If there is a delay for the Wipe, majority of us will understand… dont feel pressured on the timestamp, health comes first… i’m sure we can wait a few more days…
and i’m pretty sure the ppl on the servers will understand.

Rest or i will hunt you :wink:

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Rest as needed. The restart can wait if you are that sick. Get well.