HI my cv is brocken

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**What happened:**hi i loged on to hws EU atlantis space and my cv
White Queen | 3m ID:2714761 had a massive hole in it

=> and my egs:spawn ship has lost half of it too cant see the ID or the name on structure
commander.but i did try relog still the same warped to ecc with the cv still the same.

locashion for you.

**Player(s) with issue:**chief Recktless


**Time (cb:time):**17:34

**Playfield:**Atlantis space

**Structure Name(s):**White Queen | 3m

**Structure ID(s):**2714761

**How can we help you now:**can you restore my cv thank you
=> and sv

Log out and log back in, you may have to do it twice, Empyrion has a bug where chunks just won’t load for players sometimes when they log in. Looks like your only missing one chunk, I was missing nine once. It just depends on… something? I guess? Just blame Eleon being broken.

i tried it still didt work

There are 2 long standing bugs centered around this.

One of the bugs is just a visual glitch and reloading the game sees it come back.

The other bug is not a visual glitch. The game actually deletes a whole chunk of a structure for an unknown reason.
It seems like you got bug number 2 here, unfortunately.

Admins might be able to restore it for you.
It probably wouldn’t hurt for you to share your log files with them. They may hold clues for Eleon to fix this.


restored the CV and SV (but next time please give us the real name or ID. “EGS Spawn” ship was not really helpfull :wink: )

thank you josh

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