Hi -- Need Help -- Issues

Hi, here is the list of issues i have

  1. MEGAFARM House (GG) was not transfered from SFA to me by KptnKert…he forgot…please transfer my ship to LWA
    Thats my ship and he forgot to move it over to me when i left the faction…
  2. I need to be made a leader of my own faction…strange enough i made the faction, invited KptnKert and then for some reason it kicked me and he was the in the faction by him self…Please make me the leader of my faction so i can manage my ships

Also when they kicked me out of the factions they raced to my ship in jagal and destroyed my cube…wow i never seen such spiteful little bastards.
Kicking me out and then racing to my ship in jagal to destroy it…wow what a bunch of loosers HAHAHA…they also posted screenshots them selves…
This is a bendable offense, they did it on purpose…they submitted proof them selves under crime report, how they were laughing at me getting banned.
SFA - BUNCH OF CHILDREN, worse faction on the server, all of them act like this is their life…they think this is real life…its sad…

Whom should we bend for this?

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Proof that you attacked me at 2 18am, 18min after Kept logged off and i was stuck…and failed to destroy/get loot in 42 minutes of u attacking it

This was post it already early morning EST - Added more info because my name its mentioned on here. I like to do the things good Games. With no hate…

We dont need things that you own.

@KptnKurt I flight myself to Jagal orbit to check all that is there and founded 2 ships that belong to @GamesGlitches. So I turned back to private.

Bouth were named MEGA FARM HOUSE - and bouth of them were exacly the same one on 2 oposite points of the orbit were switched back to private.

The only thing i can have on my mind it is that when you leave the faction your ship shoots to the other one front of it. Like the picture show by itself. Plus the ship was ON you can see it by the color blue on the legs of the ship.

This is what the 30+ old man or a third world non native english speaker like you say… do on this cases. =) I give the good example and yw for give you your ships back.

Added that he left the faction He say it by itself you can see it in the next picture.

Plus on this post:

Them on this same post

I insist I waypointed the ship as SFA as the first picture shows to gived you that back man.
And >> Left or kicked? Let the admin decide…

**Added he is saying around that he loses 100% of his loot and that he was holding more than a millon on each resource and that i took it on this situation. Please verify my inventory, ocd,ships, marketplace, faction bases, my movement or acts by the day or all my movements or the things I have if its needed. I will respect any desition made by the admins.

Added that when you get under attack the log shows every attack when a person is attacking you and not just standing closer to the ship one time only that means proximity not attack…like the other ones you have in there that clearly were attacks. As i sayd i never attacked anything and it shows clearly on the logs and the other evidence shared already…thanks for place this screenshot because mine is not showing it

Have a good luck GamesGlitches and a lot of fun in your adventure on this server .Wish you the best and succes in your life.

@RexXxuS @KptnKurt oiriginal post with repplys and drama its here made around 10 hours ago ( my morning EST time) https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/t/hws-police-general-discussion/1986/134

Thank you


We clearly need an impartial 3rd party to verify these stories.

Tell me where these ships are and I will inspect them for you.


Edited my post with more information provided.

Thanks again :rocket:

I found and killed your workshop star destroyer gamesglitches
I also killed your base on gold planet.

I agree with gamesglitches topic he posted…he has issues.

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u did not kill anything…
My bases on gold were lost to another pirate faction (NOT U, all u did was finish them off since they were all already damaged from before)
My ship was destroyed in battle…by someone else…it was just a landed corpse on the planet nothing more…(and it was empty)
And just you saying that i have issues dosnt make it true, but i can say u lie all the time and i can prove it…JUST LIKE U KILLED MY STAR DESTROYER? Righhtt?
I am only responding cause you lie to much and try to cover ur ass…pretending that your cool with 0 achievements…
Congratulations ur good at a pixel…heres a prize…u win NOTHING…and you can get it at absolutely NO WHERE…lol
Hope those skills of ur get u more then 10$ an hour flipping burgers…enjoy ur 10$ game… ohh and please ban me…lol so i dont have to see these losers bullsht…lol…tired getting alerts… 100 virgins and parents who neglect their GF/Wifes/kids all gathered under the same roof…no wonder i dont fit in with u idiots LOL…go ignore ur family more…lol
ur taking my time from Titanfall 2 and spaming my email…

Alright alright.
Other told me wtf… but I thought “ok, he will maybe apologize and rethink his attitudes and maybe even say thank you for not perma ban me but only 7 days”.

I was wrong.

Here and now I see where you coming from and I am sorry that you can’t return to HWS anymore.