HnT CV Disappear

Our CV (HnT) disappear on Pacekeeper 4 , near Ornate, the mane is HnT Destiny, we saw it last time today approximately at 01:00. It has 3.500-4.000 blocks and around 110 mts large, all of combat steel. We have all our recourses on it, please help!

Hey Sensenmann,
that is now the second ship which is totally lost :frowning:

Not even our restore function can bring them back which normally works 100%.
I send the ships to the devs. Hopefully it get sorted.
I still try to see what I can do.

Hey, thanks for try to solve the problem, its sad for us lost our CV, because we spent a lot of time taking the recourses and building it. It would be possible that you return us the material we spent on it, because we can not recover the ship.

What you can do is to send me the blueprint and I spawn it for you.
Either here via .zip or via mail at [email protected]

Hi, I send the blueprint to your email, many thanks for the help