Homeword POI shoot thru terrain

Hi i’m Archangel of ITA Faction, i’ve lost my 4 mil Prototyp Q because of a Shot of a POI thru terrain bug.
Can you veryfy and help me pls?

Thanks you in advance

@hopskotch @Achilles

Achilles - Will require your assistance to look at death logs and coords.

Here’s where his bird landed, but claims to have been further north. I confirmed i was getting shot significantly fuether north than where this dropped, but Archangel states he was hiding behind a mountian peak and didnt have LOS. Believeds that the POI was shooting thru the mountain.

Someone else said this happens but as far as I know this is fixed.
Now please provide me a video of it again - otherwise it is a ping pong game with the devs if fixed, yes or no.

My first idea is that you forgot homing missles these POIs have or damaged got delayed.

Do you have a video or so?

In general Elemental Garage ships have NO refund licence. You buy it and then everything you do with it is your own risk.
We will investigate further