Homeworld Taxes

Less than 15 hours and I get 1.2 million worth of taxes.

Okay… Lesson learned. Always check the planet list. Go to a homeworld planet, don’t stay in Orbit.

But that doesn’t change my point:
I went to look for PvP there because I thought that’s partly what Homeworld was for. ¨
The most intuitive way to PvP is to bring a CV and use and SV to fly to the various Homeworld planets.

This is ridiculous. I’m never going back to Homeworld again unless my friend drops me off in a mining HV.

What is so good on Homeworld that I have to pay such a huge tax?

The resources all in one place? … OK, but it’s not even PvE and the taxes are higher than Elemental Marketplace.

All this just proves that the only place to find PvP is to cannibalize your faction’s planet or Armageddon, where you need to dig during PvE and surprise people because otherwise you will get outnumbered so heavily.

… So what happens if I ignore my taxes and don’t pay them?

U gonna lost your ships in this system

Awesome… Just awesome.

Banks wipe in the 6.0 wipe.

Let me address this:[quote=“ZtyX, post:1, topic:4989”]
What is so good on Homeworld that I have to pay such a huge tax?

The tax is not meant to indicate that it is supposed to be worth it to park there. In fact quite the opposite. It is supposed to discourage long tem camping in this orbit. The reason for this is simple. In 4.0 we had a homeworld orbit, where most of the space pvp in the server took place. Thats all well and good, but it also housed all the rare resources of the server, in pvp planets. So people looking for just those rare materials, as well as people looking to ambush them and take their goodies, would both set up camp in deep space of homeworld. This wound up putting the heaviest pvp orbit constantly at a very high core count, which is very bad for performance. So the idea with 5.0 homeworld is that the tax should convince you to visit the planet and get out, or atleast warp out before tax time.

This is concerning, because I dont think you bothered to read how taxes work on this server.

Short version, taxes are based on what is there to be taxed. So in order to get taxed over a million in one day, you had to either bring an armada, or a ship laden with small vessels. Either way, the effect is the same, mosre cores to impact performance of the playfield.
If you want to do as you suggested and just fly around in an sv, I recommend a warp sled. Its a cheap little cv that you can pull out of your pocket, warp to where you need to be, then break it down and rebuild in factory. No taxable ships in orbit, and no need to be dropped off.

Okay, I can see how that makes sense.

Regarding the stuff u linked. I read that several times, but I didn’t use the formula. My statement was based on experience. My friend left a similar CV with SVs inside and he accrued about 400K taxes by staying much longer.

I know the formula divides by faction members. So its actually cheaper for big factions. So thats the major difference. I didn’t take that into account at the time of writing that though.

Actually, in the long run is much much more expensive for large factions. Because while it does divide by numbero f players, that cost is then applied to each player, and the lowest it can get is 1k. So a small ship in a faction of 20 can go from 1k taxes on private, to 20k taxes on faction

Also, having a higher RP means you pay less taxes, which means your buddy could have had a cheaper tax bill for that reason alone.

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I find the best way to gather homeworld resources when not in a big faction is to use a smallish carrier type CV. Load up your ‘armed’ HV miner and battle SV. Take the CV to the planet with you.

ZtyX, for someone who has been trying to hide behind the strict wording of the rules for the past week it seems that you are the first to moan when the rules don’t go your own way. Bearing in mind how you seemed to have such a fantastic knowledge of the rules in one situation, how come your knowledge is so poor in this situation.
I am rather disappointed that your famed understanding of the rules is so flawed.

As for looking for PvP, you are just not looking hard enough,or is it that you can’t be bothered and are preying on the targets that are easy for you. If you keep looking for pirates, freelancers and hunters you will find them. Only today I destroyed a pirate ship in the Black Hole. It’s easy enough, if you put in a bit of focused effort, to be a proper guardian within the ethos of the HWS story.

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Aeonbug, I am not complaining about rules in this topic. I am showing discouragement regarding the HWS server game feature, the taxes.
There’s a big difference and I admitted that I learned a lesson.

You need to bear in mind that I’m a new player.

Fyi, last night I found a guild of online pirates with huge combat CVs and a well defended base in a place they thought it would be safe. I fought 3 people by myself and came very close to break in to their base.

We were in homeworld too. Landed with our CVs - hovers out drilling gold when a frickin’ hunter armada flew overhead. Got attacked by 5 ESH guys I think it was. Cargo holds full of gold convinced us to call it a day while we were ahead.

Dont think we were taxed as we were present between the times that tax is applied - I think, didnt check.