Hope i didnt mess Up my account?

So, a buddy of mine came over and i was playing and he wanted to try it out…

I just turned on sharing and had him log in… to one of my alt accounts i have on steam.

Its a different user account on steam , yet when i come in game it had me start like a new User, but it had my name, and Chat bot was freaking out… not the other user name ?

DID this mess up my account ? :frowning:


OK, just got back in game… looks like my account is good…
i panicked over nothing :slight_smile:


yeah for now the name is send over telnet. And if players have the same name the HWS features are turned off for both of them because we can’t know who have the Auto Miner lvl 10 now for example.

A little renaming would help.
We might be able to fix this in the future.


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