Horrible internal errors on Gold planet

Since yesterday Gold planet has been having internal errors like crazy. Every fight we have had with HBH has resulted in errors. As of now Gold planet above HBH base is un playable. During the internal error I am stuck inside my ship rolling around. I checked the console and it says"unable to play sound" whatever that means. Seriously the playfield needs a wipe or something.

Devs are coming on HWS. We will see what we can do

WOW. Than u need show them our “epic” slow-motion PvP battles :smiley: I hope after that, they will check their Core for PvP-systems.

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Me and Zentrax had some Internal Errors on Destiny, had to quit the game. I´ve send the log file to the devs.

Oh and here is the catch I play on Eleon Studio server too and the same internal errors happen there too in fact I have not been able to log on(Eleon server) since I got the error. The one on gold happens when you fly or walk.

I have some strange internar error on Marketplace outpost planet. Only reload the game can help.