Hostile "Freelancer Hub" towards Freelancers

Ok, I’ve died 6x at the “Freelancer Hub” floating around Comet 7. Why is a structure named “Freelancer Hub” attacking and killing a Freelancer (i.e. me)? I went towards the structure thinking it may have a trading outpost (hell, that is what’s implied with the term ‘hub’?) and bam dead. My turrets were off, so I clearly didn’t instigate any sort of attack, and my ship was set to faction. Lost my CV, lost my materials, and losing my mind. If it’s going to be a hostile structure, then why is it labeled “Freelancer Hub” and not “Hostile Fake Structure Trap”? So much for leaving the starter planet; now I have to start over. What’s the explanation admins? Is this purposefully a “haha we got u” trick you’re playing?

It’s a PvP orbit, so that means PvP inside and outside the marketplace. There are 6 PvE marketplaces that everyone can access, except that the 6th one is not ready yet.

-Your starter planet market (1)
-All 4 origin starter orbit markets (4)
-Elemental Market (1)

So you don’t have to use the PvP markets…


you have to read the introduction of HWS 5.0:

Only the turrets are damageable. The hub is a reward for every Origin because inside you have a perfect hideout from others. It shouldn’t be for free and taking out these few turrets shouldn’t be a problem I think.
Good Luck.