Hotfix this morning bugged my blueprint

Blueprint was already running. I logged off for a few minutes so you could patch and now this:

What happened? What changed in the last patch? No patch notes anywhere…

Nevermind it’s just a new bug from the new hotfix from today… OFCOURSE!

Going back to creative, spawned the invalid blueprint and immediately saved it again and now it’s valid again even though I changed NOTHING!

Oh nope only works for singleplayer, in multiplayer it still bugs… How to fix?

@RexXxuS I will PM you the video soon.

Assuming you know the gun limit and no admin core etc is built in I don’t know. If you send me the blueprint I can check.

But the patch today was just not worth mention at all.

It CAN’T be the limits because I already had the shuttle in the making (on your server, screenshot also proves this because its’ ready to spawn). So the patch MUST have changed something without me breaking any guns rules or anything.

PM sent.

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