Hover Drill issue

Not complaining because I know how much work Has gone into this. The hover drill will get you a EAC kick I guess it retrieves to much rock or something to fast. Also if you go to say three or deposits real fast the game looses track and when you think you have mined them out then log out and come back in and you arte not where you thought you were/ THANKS FOR ALL THE HARD WORK.

Getting the same problem but this is not HWS related.

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Thats an issue for the developers, the hv are causing alot of desync and eac errors, and dont even dream od docking one anywhere near an extendable ramp on a cv.

if you all could reproduce this that would be amazing!

I have been trying it out for the last 2 hours the desync must be the issue I have mined the same mine 5 times to get it below 20%. I have docked them to a cap ship with no issue from what I saw.

Iā€™d agree with Squirrel - something about the way the drills are handled is definitely for the devs, because it appears to be packet loss, which leads to desync, which leads to inability to talk or exit vessel or enter P-menu, and eventually get kicked by EAC.

you both are saying the same thing

How do you get a log for eac kick ?

Yep EAC just kicked me again.

by checking your logs after getting kicked.

please send us your logs via PM e.g.
steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs

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It is maybe! I reparked my HV on CV in another place and EAC kick goan. But when drilling a deep cave EAC kicked 8\10 times. Never use this HV and i think need to disassemble it ) :grinning: