How can i check whats in my OCD

I tried to put my base on starterplanet in the OCD but i cant check that. The base Was gone on the starterplanet but i cant check if it is uploded into the ocd. Is there a way to check that, and if my base is not uploaded there, what can i do? it was base 29864920 i think, lost all if it didnt work.

You can’t store a base in OCD. Only items.
Not sure what you mean.

i used the recyle in ocd, but for some reason i think it is not there but on planet it was gone

but is there an option to see what is in ocd?

Sure :slight_smile:

Same as for the OAM these features requires to login to HWS Connect. There you get a new game experience.

P.S.: Don’t forget to grab your daily loot + HWS Skill Tree Skill Point each day.

i only see this

does that mean there is nothing in it?

Ok, looking at your player I don’t see that you used the egs:recycle command at all. You have it to level 1 which won’t work on a planet anyways.

Maybe you mixed it up with the getshipdown command.

Anyways to the point: the ID you mentioned 29864920 was wiped because of the 7 days Starter Planet counter. That is nothing new and always warned about. You can check your structure status with “cb:wipe”.

I can restore it with some fees if you agree.

Well i dont need it restored, i cant get there but the stuff that was there in the storages, i would have liked to bring those with me. Is that also still a possibility to get the stored amounts back? And i didnt understand the recycle commands so i will retry that at home.
Thank you

i know i kinda messed up there, lesson learned, dont take rides from strangers…

Ah I see.

There is no magical “beam my resources to me Scotty” command or so :wink:

We tell players they can’t return to starters once they left and we tell that they have 7 days for the starter planets to leave.

Everyone has to take care of their stuff by then.

Recycle works in combination with OCD for example, yes. But it requires level 5 to be able to use it globally.

Ok then, no problem.

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