How do brand new players get off the starting planet?!?

So… ahum… how can you get off the starter planet, now that all the ore is mined. Not just the promethium for fuel, but even the iron and copper and stuff to build a base and a SV…

The only way that I see is with the fa:supply, but someone took all the good stuff from my backpack (on a PVE planet), so I don’t have any of the fancy resources, only the 100 of each you get from resetting.

So… how do you get off the starter planet?




And how did they get my backpack (this is off-topic, but okay)…

As newbie, you follow the quests…

  • you do the HWS Information centre…
  • you do the fa:supply…
  • you go to the Abandoned Base for the Gardner quest…
  • 3 aggressive dinosaurs are trapped inside the base…
  • you die…
  • you can’t get back to the Abandoned Base immediately (when you select "respawn near death place, you respawn in a big crater because all the stone is dug out from underneath the Abandonded Base, so you get to run all the way around)…
  • someone was waiting for this to happen in the Abandonded Base…
  • he takes the good stuff from your backpack…
  • and ofcourse, you didn’t take a screenshot, so no one does anything about it…

But the lost fa:supply isn’t the goal of this post, the goal is to get a path off the starter planet.

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You can use stone removal mode on drill to drill stones. They return ore most of the time.
Also, you can use your drone to recover backpack from safe distance instead of getting close to aggroed mob.
And btw, first thing you do when starting, is deploying your survival constructor and place inside half or most of your valuables. Then you build a small base, even if it is just a generator, a fuel tank, an ammo box and a cannon. Or skip the base and dig a hole to hide inside if drones come.

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Wow, man that sucks. I feel you though getting off the starter for the first time was rough for me 2 months ago. Alot depends on your origin though.

One thing to know is your OAM can be leveled up to level one from the start, and fuel can be gotten from the abandon mine. (Assuming it still respawns) This is more a permanent fix to your economy though, not the fastest way… Orbital Auto MIner (OAM) by typeing AM:BUY:IR or SIL or COP you can upgrade for free to level 1, fuel is Auto miner cores. ONE core lasts 3 days. AM:FUEL:IR For example. This is a bit hard to do, but using the website its really good, you can even get erestrum and zasc, neo, EVERYTHING. (THough small amounts) Right on starter. Just need a few credits from selling maybe pistols to the trader at the HWS trader post there? to get the MATs on planet. This is a endgame/permanent solution that will stop you from EVER being totally wiped out.

Usually asteroids fall and can be found around the map, those give your basics. (Including Cobalt I think) Then in space SATH and NEO can be found in asteroids along with Pentaxid. Then with a SV you can leave, or a Cheep CV. Farming XP is usually the big problem…

If this doesnt help reply to me more details, maybe I can help you depending on what origin you are.

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to get the MATs on planet

Do you mean, to get the materials from the autominer to the starter planet?
Cause that seems to cost 10 credit for each ore! That’s an… euh… insane price for a newbie.

How would you recommend to get into space to mine SATH, NEO or PENT asteroids?

Also, you can use your drone to recover backpack from safe distance instead of getting close to aggroed mob.

That’s how I got some of my stuff back. But the thief took all the ore :frowning:

The Autominer works by autmomatically generating resources that you can gather anywhere for a small price or from the ECC galactic services HQ for free.

In terms of space I recommend you start with a simple SV that doesn’t require sath/neo/zasc/erest. Use your T1 or hopefully T2 drill in order to do this.

If you have been wiped you can do cb:reset and it will reset your status on starter, but that will put you back to the beginning.

Best regards

Hello and welcome to HWS!

50% of your post is feedback taken care of in HWS 7.X.X (next season)

the other 50% would be a Get Help request (probably griefing, etc.)

Will improve the starter in the next season for sure. Lot of your points were on my list.

Here is a blueprint for a very cheap warp capable SV that is available from level 7:

You can build something like that yourself, too. As you can see it doesn’t require any sathium or neodymium and will get your out of the starter system. The required iron, copper, silicon, cobalt, and promethium are available as meteorites on the planet, you just have to search for them. In orbit you can farm asteroids to get pentax or even buy from the HWS marketplace. Log in to HWS connect and you can pick up your daily loot that also gives you some coins you can use to buy stuff. Even if you need some erestrum or zascosium you can buy it there.

You just need to rough it for the first bit, farm the raptors for XP to get to level 7, get a small SV, and you are good to go!

A tip for next time you are trying to clear those small starter POIs …

1 … Rock up in a small HV with gatlings (level 3 spawn)
2 … Open the door from a safe distance with your drone (F5)
3 … The monsters come out of the POI to aggro you
4 … Jump back in HV and kill them quickly
5 … Clear the POI locker before they respawn (a minute or two)
6 … Run !!