How do I join The alliance faction

Steps I need to take to join The alliance faction.Please advice, thanks.

Ask other Alliance factions or create a new one.

A “A” at the end of your abbrev and “Alliance” in your full faction name is needed for it.

Remember, there isnt an Alliance ‘faction’ you can have a group of players (like a guild) that are aligned to faction.

As above, if you want to be the Mega Cool Alliance - set that as your name and your tag as MCA

You are now ‘Alliance’ aligned as far as the HWS game is concerned.

As has already been posted… there is no one ‘alliance’.

Any player can make a faction however we choose to implement a custom storyline for the server. This is where the different faction types come from.

With our custom storyline as both rex and kal’s examples show you can get an alliance supply package by making sure the faction you are in conforms to the rules (see rules/story page). As long as your faction type is eligible for a supply package and you faction meets the ‘rules’ for the server to recognise it then you may type fa:supply

OK thanks

OK Thanks

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