How do I retrieve aborted transactions in starter orbits if I can't go back to them?

I have a trading station question. I put some cheep copper in various stading stations, including starter planets, and had to abort the sales. How do I clear the aborted transactions from my “Pending” area? I cannot reach the starter planet trading stations. The other side effect is I cannot sell anything on the market since aborting the copper sales. I am guessing this is due to a cool down period or am I wrong?

any info is appreciated.

You will need to go to those stations to pick up your stuff. If you can’t make it there, you may be SOL.

As for not selling - have you got credits? I don’t think there is a cool down, you just need credits to post orders.

Thanks for the info, I do have credits so still not sure why I can’t sell anything now.

I am only allowed 30 transactions on the market at any time so do the aborted ones still count towards the active until I go ppick the ingots up? If this is the case then i am screwed as 80% of them were on starter origins and i can’t go back.

any ideas what to do?

Did you place them at starter orbits you’d never be able to get to at all anyway? If so you may need @Jascha to help.

I’ve never tried saturating the market, so never had 30+ transactions live. May be a cap?

yes, 30 is the transaction cap so i think they still count when they are in pending so I might have to get an admin to help with the start planet orbits.

I am new to the whole market thing and didn’t realize the ingots would stay at the places I was selling them at. I placed all the offers from the Uranus orbit trading station so i figured all the ingots would appear there when aborted, hence the problem i am running into getting them back lol

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