How do I set up auto wipe cycles with timetable?

Hello, I tried searching the forum but couldnt find any documentation.
How do I set up weekly wipes of planets, for example every monday?


There is a documentation. Its not up to date but it does include what u want. Same link as where u download EAH

Go to timetable and Left side u put in a restart. right side sub table u put in the wipe. timer on a week day and done

where are the list of timetable commands to use?

Click in the timetable on the empty line in Action
Same for the Left side of the timetable click on action.

But a restart Left side with day and time. Right side (sub Action) u can pick Wipe

Link to Docu :

As i said not up todate but the timetable is explaind in there

I do not have the “wipe” feature available. I am using the full version.

Light or Full version doesnt matters its, timetable is the same. The option is there

Did u update to the latest version?

how do i update? I downloaded today off the website

Make a screenshot of your timetable and post it here