How do solar panels work?

Survivalists, there is a question on solar energy, I don’t understand how it works.
There is a base, half of the conventional panels, half of the advanced ones, installed correctly, all have 4 green squares on, at the peak they give more than 6 kW, on average about 1.6 kW, the base consumption at rest is about 0.9 kW. Several solar capacitors.
The problem is that if I am at the base, then the charge goes on, but if I went offline or flew to another system, then there is no charge. How can I force the game to charge capacitors when I’m away?
On the first screenshot, I went into the game (I went in in the morning, the solar panels produce little), you can see that the capacitors are empty.

In the second screenshot, the solar panels are generating maximum power, the capacitor is slightly charged.

Sat on the base for several day-night cycles, charged the capacitor up to ~ 10%, went offline, entered a 0% capacitor in a few hours, there was rotten stuff in the refrigerator

scroll up a bit in the power window and look at your consumption rate. that has to be lower than your average output otherwise you’re burning more power than your generating. also distance from the Sun and angle of where they are pointing effects how much you can generate. planets have the drawback of night time where bases in space don’t move at all so solar output is 100% at all times…

I wrote that the consumption is 0.9 kW, if I sit on the base for several day / night cycles, then the charge grows, but if I go out for several hours, then the charge drops to zero

forgot to add: ground base, on the equator, about 5AE to the star

sry i missed that part. sounds like solar is falling victim to the inactive playfield “fun times” of the past.

the developers gave us a wonderful “feature” a while back that unloads a playfield when there are no players in it. supposedly all timers should keep going but we have discovered “supposedly” is rarely ever “actually” :frowning: