How far have you gone out in space?

Today I went out looking for the mystery base in the Trader World sector, made it a million meters out before giving up the chase. Took three ships to make it out that far do to disconnects or the ships magically being transported 3k meters out from the planet. The screen shakes where horrible and took about 3 hours to travel that far.

My question anyone else been out that far?

I was out farther to put that base down.


I swear it’s not a giant penis.

Also. Doesn’t take 3 hours. There are faster ways to travel than an SV.

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No risk, no fun: Another ship went 'poof'

Not been further than 50k and not in a straight line. Don’t see the point in going further as its hard enough to find a base out in the black.

And we TOTALLY dont have one of those ways pointed at gold for the last 5 weeks. Just saying. There is a reason you will find LoT guys on gold, but no LoT ships :slight_smile:

Which giant penis? Saw one much closer to the trader planet than Tom went.

Oh they’re all over the place. They’re our repair dongs.

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Sorry for such a noob question, but, in most of the ‘tips to survive’ threads I read, they of course say to take your CV out to around 50k to be safe.
But, they also say that if you try to launch a SV at that range, it dies.
Does it still do that? or is it safe to fly a SV out to 50k and live?

You risk losing ships everywhere in space but the further out you go the higher the risks imo. But with 5.0 I would probably just hide at around 40-100km or so. If you are serious goto 500km.
And spam decoy SV/CV cores in neighbor orbits to prevent them from being able to scan you (not sure if this is allowed I guess anothe rule incoming).

how to show top

lol just type “di” in the console. Console is activated by hitting the “` (~)” button on your keyboard.