How long prison term for ammo drain?

Hi , me and my friend was sent to elemental prison yesterday , we don’t have a clue at first since there is no any message or warning things , but we check the rules and consider what we done before , it will be ammo drain (don’t even want to do that since that is totally a stupid idea , never drain dry a massive base , just want to get the backpack back and being killed again and again)

And after in prison , I was killed by spider , and I realize I can respawn in homebase on the starter planet (my friend can’t chose that option) , that’s kinda bug though , but I click it and happy I’m free , and I get banned , check the rules again , OK fair enough .

Now I was unbanned and free , but when I die the fresh respawn location is still be prison , and my friend is still in prison , so the question is , how long prison term for ammo drain? since I can’t find any information in any where , so I asking here now , thanks for answering , and sorry for my bad english by the way.

Not 100% sure but i think its a week. maybe you can get less for community service haha :smiley:

Wow that’s a huge time for a little crime , honestly I think ammo drain wont even be a scratch for those massive fortress owner , they probably have billion ammo in their box , and we drain out like 1% ?

Not offensive but I don’t think that rule was protecting base owner , more like a punishment for newbie or a jail trap:(

If the rule was not set, then all the noobs would just make a herd and suicide against the base until it’s dry and then they could easily take it.
Also, the bullets wasted on you will not be fired against the real enemy when they come later on.
When a server tells you to read the rules, maybe you really need to. There are lots of information, including how to get free stuff and how to not lose your ships to the server.

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[quote=“MadaFaka, post:1, topic:3629”]
And after in prison , I was killed by spider , and I realize I can respawn in homebase on the starter planet (my friend can’t chose that option) , that’s kinda bug though , but I click it and happy I’m free
[/quote]Rules state that the punishment for a prison-break = perma ban if I recall correctly. If you accidentally (which is not the case here) get out of prison, immediately ask/PM admin to be put back in (I know it’s silly). Perhaps if you report how you got out they may shorten/remove your jail-time.

However a backpack being near a big base… Imo that is still ammo drain if you try to get it back 100x. If you try it like maybe 5-10x ok but after that it is obviously ammo draining.

[quote=“MadaFaka, post:3, topic:3629”]
Wow that’s a huge time for a little crime
[/quote]It’s not a little crime. If you do this all day long at some point they run out and you can take over that giant fortress at the cost of almost nothing (assuming you have no credits/RP). And even if you did not, perhaps you only drained 70% of the ammo but then someone else attacks the huge fortress and it runs out of ammo during that attack BECAUSE of YOU draining it.

It’s also very clearly in the rules so if you didn’t read the guide and then went on ammo-draining AND then purposely escape jail and then call it a jailtrap… Well…

Not sure if allowed but if it’s not too close to the base and on a planet you could use the drill to create/drill terrain so the base can not see you while you approach it (among other tactics). Then use the drone (turrets need like 1-3 seconds depending on lag before they shoot) to open backpack and even after drone is gone I believe you can still loot your backpack. But again not sure if such tactics are allowed (there are more much lamer tactics that can be used even close to the enemy base).

Does the jail have wipes and can you build stuff there (is it PVE?) and does it have deposits? If so I might want to be jailed as well for an hour every day :stuck_out_tongue:
My own villa inside the jail, just like Pablo.

Oh perhaps I can use my donator planet as a jail :smiley:

Sorry actually I wont argue with the rule , I know the rule is the rule , just a little complain.
So my question still , could any admin tell me how long the term is? since I can’t find it any where even in HWS connect.

By the way actually I’m totally free now after jail break and got banned 1 day , but my friend is still in prison , why our term is different ? we basically do the same thing , or maybe I’m free because bug ? according when I died the “fresh respawn” option location is still elemental prison (I never chose it) , should I go back to sit jail? I’m so confuse.


Prison have some deposits and monster there , is basically an alien PVP planet , can do anything , but can’t warp out anyway , and if you go in with no stuff in inventory , can’t do nothing with bare hand obviously:(


as stated, if you break out than we have to ban you temporary. It is like in the real world. Accept the punishment and you are quicker out from prison.

It depends what happened, one week if it was a real big thing.
But since you not only ammo drained but also used the core bug it is still active for one day. Tomorrow you are free and lessons learned I guess.

Real prevention against ammo draining coming later but for now this is our only way to deal with it. It is just not cool.

Thanks for your understanding.