How many Advance Core can you have in RE?

How many Advance Core can you have in RE? And if I already have one, can I buy another one through the Marketplace?

Only 1 and they give it to you when you finish the mission chain of traveling to the Andromeda galaxy… I’m not sure but I think that core has a penalty, maybe someone will correct me… Remember that you can have 10 auxiliary cores too…

you can have only one Advanced core on a base/ship (it replaces the normal core), but you can have as many bases/ships with advanced cores as you can afford

yes, you can buy it from other players (marketplace/direct trade), usually for a very high amount of credits…

it has no penalty, it only gives 1.000.000 CPU points, nothing more, nothing less
and currently you can have 10 Auxiliary and 10 Quantum extenders per base/ship

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