How much notice of Version 6 wipe will we get?

Hey, am aware that full wipe is coming soon prior to v6…
we are hoping to keep playing as long as possible before packing everything up… but are worried about how much notice we might get to do so. I know that Eleon have a habit of dropping upgrades without warning… if for example they dropped 6 without warning then we would presumably lose everything, cos steam doesnt allow disabling auto-updates?

the question is, How much notice will we get prior to v6 full wipe?


There is normally atleast a weeks warning for big updates like this, smaller patches etc can be released without notice. But right now you are aware it’s coming so i would reduce the size of your base to something easy to recycle and small any ships that are spare or early used are worth salvo too, most players by now will be at a stage where they have done the OCD farming stage. If your on NA server there is the scrap yard run by @hopskotch take your ships there and leave with the agree value of resources/creds :wink:
Back the the update, keep your eyes on forum and Eleon forum also hws has done alot of work with Eleon recently and Rex always gets a twitch in his nose before it drops, it will also go experimental prior to release so keep your eyes on their official test server :wink: best advice I can give

thanks thats v helpful

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Well we worked even more together with Eleon and know almost everything but we have to keep things private of course - that is the condition.

All I can say is:

  1. watch out today…
  2. 6.0 is a huge game changer
  3. HWS will be quite different to play
  4. A lot of new stuff is coming (HWS and Empyrion) - not everything will be clear at the beginning - some hate will go around - some love will go around
  5. As soon as you get everything you will need a lot of holiday
  6. did I mention it is a huge patch?
  7. We will announce details more and more we can. But keep in mind that 6.0 comes around mid april and we are still very very hard working on 6.0. It is still a lot to do because we (server owners) are mostly responsable if you will get totally blast away by 6.0 or just yawn at it…

So yeah yeah I know how you feel…


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