How they attack and destroied my BASE which have OP


it’s Changha Song who is playing on NA Server.

I have question about how they (op4 faction) attack my base which is on OP.

I don’t know how they work. but they destroyed my base 2time.

please I lost everting again. and I don’t want play anymore.

it’s too sad and the OP is noting. they can attack when they want.

is it possible?


OP is disabled on this server, as stated in the server description before joining.

Although you can craft and place it, it does nothing.

You’ll have to build elsewhere or have people online 24/7 to defend such a structure. OP is terribly broken and can’t be enabled. You can voice your opinion to the devs on their forum and hope they fix it one day.

Hello @ChanghaSong your base had OP but HWS doesn’t allow it. I remember killing it with a sniper. I am terribly sorry for your loss. Your ally logged on and managed to kill 2 of our guys while they were looting, very nice job on his part. I told most of our guys to ignore your base anytime I flew over it with them, however some of my guys didn’t know and engaged on your base/CV before it was already too late. It’s part of PVP, just re build and try again. Next time make sure your base has more turrets etc. Good luck mate

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I would recommend leaving most of your goodies is one of the many PvE playfields available on
HWS NA. Although I only remember the most recent attack on your base I’m not saying we aren’t
responsible for both. I do admire that you refuse to give up and keep building in PvP.

If you are a solo player I would recommend finding an established player faction to join if you wish to
live in a pvp playfield. If your in a small faction I would recommend seeking alliances. Single bases aren’t
very defendable unless on a very restricted playfield. Takes 3 bases minimum to have a BASE that is
capable of defending itself.

Best of Luck,

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