How to Add Longevity to HWS?

After reading most of the recent economic posts and seeing Rex talk about late game players losing interest, I thought it was time to address the elephant in the room. What do we do to keep late game players interested in HWS, even if they are space billionaires?

One of my initial thoughts to remedy this lack of interest is now buried in the deep dark undertow of forum posts, that is why I am making it a separate topic. While I have my ideas, perhaps there are some really good ones out there that are worth discussing.

My idea is to make a hall of fame at ECC and give rewards to players/factions that make it in as well as a spot on the wall. It would get larger every season as the halls get longer. We could do categories like most residual RP, or the guiltiest, or any number of things. But the main hall would be for a new event that would be season long, that would also encompass alliances. What that is, I’m not sure.

What do you think will keep late game players interested?


I’m far away from being there - but what about special legacy ships the veterans can unlock each season? Which get respawnable once every following season.

Or special blocks/colors for the next season simply to show off. I think some visible difference to ‘normal’ players should make it… Interesting to stay competitive for the top ranks.

Can the ingame name color be changed? (So not in Chat, but above the character. Is it possible to do special stuff with it? Color coding? Blinking? Whatever?)

I like the idea and i have talked about similar stuff on the forum before.

I’d rather see it on HWS Connect though(So it can be automated) and as an achievement system.

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