How to beat SWP

With art:

The green thingy is a naked person and the blue thingy is the origin of the galaxy.

Okay it’s just a random spam post… Trying to decorate my home with the limited available of devices and decorations.

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mm… And we hope to find something interesting((((

Damn you totaly got me, i thought that green one is origin of galaxy -> Rexxx, and blue one is naked me. But then i realised that im probably wrong as i dont see any reason why i would be standing naked next to Rexxx.
It must be the late night.

Anyway finaly some worthy thred :smiley:

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This is supposed to be interesting this is ART! You pirates only care about killing and gold and killing and gold and eating and gold an women and gold and killing and gold… Or to drink our beer and steel our rum at the point of a gun:

Also please in your videos, use Alestorm for the background music it fits you pirates much better than random metal.

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And I think we right! Thats n1 style of game. Kill, gold, rum and women - repeat!

+1for Drink your Beer song.

I generaly think pirates should be even more Pirate like!

You should look out for the EL faction then, they are going through space in a big wooden ship with black sails and skull flag. More important they talk with alot of arggggh and shiver me timbers. So if anyone want the real pirate experience you should send them a message