How to become rich & famous on HWS (noob guide)

There are some very nice features on the HWS server, that you can only aquire with credits, e.g. OCD level 7 for only 700 million, or buying RP to be allowed living on the reward planet… or use RP to stealth your ship. So money is the key, how can you earn some coins ?

Only three valid answers : ECC bank interest on your money, trade and gold mining.

So lets start with interest on your money in the ECC bank. You get 1% per day, i am now at around 1,7 million, we are in the middle of the season, so if you already have a million together : Respect !

So you get 10.000 credits interest per day, we have another 30 days till season end, so you will finish with around 1,3 million… clapclapclap. If you upgrade your EGS status to level 4 costs around 70 million credits (super-lol) you earn 2% interest ! Unfortunately you will never ever have the money to this. Also unfortunately your EGS status upgrade will not transfer to the next season. So the bank thing is only working for super rich tycoons, not for you (just like in real life).

Ok, so lets switch to trade. There are three marketplaces, blackmarket, ECC and NPC trader in ECC space mall. In the blackmarket poor noobs try to sell stuff, really shitty buisiness there, no matter what you sell at which price. ECC self trading terminals are better, but even if you sell only valuables like epic weapons, heavy armor and mods, you will sell maybe every 3 days a piece for 30.000. As you have to pay 10% of your sales price as market fee independent if someone takes your offer or not you can quickly run bancrupt.
So, this is NOT working, just check “recently sold” and you will see only minor trades for small money. If you ignore my warnings and want to try : Just sell your items slightly below the lowest competition price. Set the duration not longer than 2-3 days as competitors will underbid you and you have no chance to change your price in the ECC market (for blackmarket you can change your price, but you will still not sell enough.

So last but not least : Gold mining. Mining a gold meteroid gives you around 125.000 credits. You find them only on the PVP planets golden globe and homeworld. As all of the veteran players know of course that i tell you the truth they will lurk for miners to kill there. Three tactics are working :slight_smile:

a) lamer tactic
Fly with a cheap SV to one of the two planets, park your CV hidden far outside in space and set it as “homebase”, so that you can spawn there if some pirate kills you and your SV. Down on the planet spawn a cheap drill HV. Try to drill as many gold meteroids as you dare, go back to your SV, abandon your cheap HV and fly back to your CV.

b) way of the warrior
Start is just the same, land your cheap SV, spawn a drill HV, but a heavy armored one with full weapons and start mining. When the pirates attack with a SV, just tray a zickzack unpredictible drive. Your turrets wull still hit him while you are a difficult target. If the pirate has also a HV try to kill the driver with your 6 miniguns and pray that your build is better than his.

c) way of the carebear
If you have 6348754 replacement vessels/bases in you factory like me and can build the same again from the stuff in your OCD you can land, spawn 2/3 bases and several HV. With one HV you go mining, if pirates attack just try to lure them into the fire of your bases/HV. Super super funny the complains in global chat :slight_smile:

Thats it, have fun and become rich !


Nice guide for newbies. The only thing i want to comment on is the ECC trading. If you are posting your items up for only 2-3 days you are only hurting yourself because it will cost the same 10% no matter if you list it for 3 days and it doesnt sell or if you list it for a full 7. I would say ALWAYS put auctions up for full 7 days


Basically you are right and i started with the 7 days max duration for my sales. But after a few hours, latest 1-2 days another player will sell the same item as you do for a lower price.

So the longer your sales stay on ECC the more likely it is, that they will never be sold. So maybe better to take the loss of 10% for placing the sales offer and place a new cheaper offer with better chance for successful sales.

But as i mentioned sales is not working well currently.

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